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Gene Colin

Gene J. Colin, 76, former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Ferguson Construction, died of natural causes while doing what he loved on Tuesday morning, June 6th. He was widely recognized for his significant service to the community, demonstrating a passion for education. Gene was the recipient of many awards and an active supporter of a great number of charitable organizations. Most importantly, Gene will be remembered as a great man with a huge heart who affected the lives of countless individuals.

Gene J. Colin

June 17, 2017
St. James Cathedral - Seattle, WA

Funeral Mass

View the HD version here

May 14, 1941 - June 6, 2017

"I'm from New York, what's your excuse?"

"Hey pal, it's because I CAN!!"

"No, we're going to do it RIGHT!"

"Did I give you your Starbucks Card yet?"

"Let's kick ass and take names!!"

"Someone's got to tell the mother that the baby is ugly!"

"All HAT, no Cattle!"

"COME ON MAN, get in the GAME!!!"

"It's nice to see you back in men's clothes!"

"It's been one hell of a run, that's for damn sure!!!"

"But what do I know after all these years??"

"I'm going to buy this place just so that I CAN FIRE YOU!!!"

"Onward and Upward!"

Some favorite "Gene-isms"

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